Embroidered organic natural white sheep wool and bamboo pillow cover: 

12x24 inch

30x60 cm

pillow cover | decorative lumbar pillow | cushion cover

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This cushion is 100% handmade with natural wool and bamboo. Both sides, front and back are wool & bamboo with a side zipper. Its colours are the natural colours of the wool. This cushion as beautiful unique hand embroidered design that echo the heritage and culture of the past. This cushion is also sure to make an elegant and cultivated statement in your home.

This cushion come in one size only with large measuring approximately 12x24 inch/60cm x 30cm.

- 100% Hand Woven Natural Wool & Bamboo

- Front: Hand Embroidered Wool

- Back: Wool & Bamboo

- Side Zipper

- 12x24 inch 

- 30x60 cm

Care & Tips :

We suggest hand washing. Use lukewarm water (max. 30°C) and use just a teaspoon of mild wool detergent. Gently squeeze out excess water; carefully pull the cushion back into shape, then hang to dry away from direct heat.

Cushion Insert: 

Insert is NOT included.