Cushions of Mohair of Angora 100% hand-made - Gray

Cushions of Mohair of Angora 100% hand-made - Gray


For our 100% MOHAIR cushion/pillow, we use only hand-spun wool of Angora goats without dying them. This luxurious fiber has rich natural 5 colors: white / grey /camel / brown and black.

To create our cushions/pillows we use an ancient method of creating a faux animal hair pile which was widespread amongst nomads within Central Asia. Once the washing and spinning process of the Mohair is finished the weaving process begins. When the weaving has been completed, the flat-weave will be brushed and washed with a special brush.

Because of their lightness, strength and easy folding, flat-weaves were among the most cherished possessions of the ancient tent civilizations.

Especially this kind of Mohair-weaves were primarily used for sleeping like a blanket.

But nowadays it is not limited to use as a blanket, it can be a wall hanging, pillow, a lap rug, throw, bedspread, a scatter rug as well a large area rug.

We advise the use of a cushioned non-slip rug-pad to prevent the slipping and sliding and have a generous cushioning for the rug use.

Care & Tips :

Shake the dust-out.

We suggest hand washing. Use lukewarm water (max. 30°C) and only mild wool detergent. Very gently squeeze out excess water; carefully pull the rug back into shape, then hang to dry, away from direct heat.

To maintain the particular comb design on the hairy surface professional dry clean is suggested.

Produced with the respect of the environment and of the person without any child labor.

Our Mohair cushions/pillows are entirely made by hand with premium quality materials and will have slight variations and imperfections. Differences between each product are a distinctive feature. Thank you for supporting and buying HANDMADE!!!

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100% hand-spun mohair of Angora goat with a concealed zip fastening at the base with insert/filling NOT included. Inserts/fillings can be purchased at any craft store.

Size: 30x60cm (approx. 12" x 24")
For any other sizes please ask us.

All pieces are unique, differences between each product are a distinctive feature.

Care Instruction: Wash gentle - Woolite. Cold water. Air Dry.