Grey & White

Grey & White


Grey & White - Handmade Flat-Woven Organic Natural Sheep Wool Modern Rug with felt 115x180 Cm / 45.2x70.8 Inch. Eco Kilim Rugs Natural

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Our eco-modern rugs are hand-made in small batches from 100% wool.
Flornithology; this rug collection takes us out of the city and is representing the restorative power of nature.
For a more moody environment let be our homes to be galleries of the items and colors we love. Always inspired by nature, and love to bring the outside in, lets surround ourselves with birds and flowers to add colors like blues, greens of leaves, bright hue of yellows and touches of pinks and soft neutrals with contrast of browns of branches.

Introduce a 100% handmade love into your home with this UNIQUE wool kilim rug. 
The base of this flat-woven rug is woven with cotton warps and natural wool werft. The contemporary design is made with a nuno-felt technique which is a mix of the traditional wet felting and needle felting.

The particular hand treatment used to produce this woven rug makes it unique and original. Each of them may have slight variations and imperfections. 

Care instructions: Remove stain immediately by pressing a clean cloth. Vacuum without brush to remove dust. Can be washed with mild natural soap by a professional, qualified cleaning service.

- Handmade 
- Hand-Woven 
- Organic Natural Sheep Wool 
- Modern Rug 
- Size 115x180 cm / 45.2x70.8 inch. /3'8"x6' feet
- Decorative Rugs 
- Natural carpets
- Flat-woven Kilim Rug